Our Hobbies and Our Health

People who have hobbies are generally healthier, and have a lower risk of depression and dementia. This is what research has shown, according to licensed industrial and organizational psychologist Joyce E. A. Russell.

To have a hobby is then for our good. And given its positive effect on us, we can also say in the end that having one will also be beneficial for our families, our loved ones. After all, they are the first ones who are affected in the event that our health and our well-being will go downhill.

So what are your hobbies? What do they involve? Here are three hobbies which I believe mean fun for you and me and might not even be that hard on our pockets:

Reading.  In this day and age of advanced (and advancing!) technology, accessing cheap and even free reading material has never been made this easy. Much thanks, of course, to the internet. And yes, should you love reading “on paper”, you can always wait for a book sale to get great books and at a great price. Reading can help you gain knowledge, information and it can also widen your perspective in life. It can even set free your creative mind to explore more and even create something.

 photo books-reading-series-narnia-159778_zpscx9cl9ac.jpeg

Listening to Music. Again, thanks to technology, we can access so much music to listen to online. We can also travel back in time as we listen to the music of the past. And yet not far behind in listening to music can be the growing desire to play or perform music! This can mean investing in a music instrument or two or even on a gadget that can be of help to you such as the apc40, check it out at MusiciansFriend.com

Collecting. This can be collecting stamps, coins, postcards. There are as many things to collect depending really on one’s interest and well, budget. You need not invest that much money as you collect simple things such as foreign coins whenever you have the chance to travel. I think one good side of this hobby is that in the event you may need cash, some of the things you collect might be, can be bought by other collectors.

There are many more hobbies that you can choose to enjoy now. And it can be both a delightful and healthy thing to have a hobby. It can also be a good thing to remember though that like most, if not all, things in life, it also needs to be pursued with a dose of moderation. By this I mean that it should not lead us that far away from our loved ones nor should it lead us to spend more than what we could really afford.

Doing a Mid-year Review of Your Health Goals

It seemed like it was just January and now, we are already in the middle of the year!

A friend of mine recently spoke at a gathering and she mentioned about the need to do mid-year reviews in terms of achieving our goals in the work setting as well as in our personal life. Her talk also reminded me about taking stock of my own health goals for the year.

The Importance of Goals. Allow me to backtrack a bit. There are really no goals to assess or review in terms of accomplishing them if we haven’t made any clear goals in the first place.

I think it helps a lot if we also take time to write down these goals. These goals need to be also SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound). An example of this in my case would be: Walk for 30 minutes three times a week around our subdivision.

 photo pexels-photo-226576_zpsfwctku2l.jpeg

And Now, the Review. Basically, if we have listed down those health goals we have for the year, then it’s a matter of going back over them. What where those that you were able to accomplish? What was not accomplished? For those you were not able to accomplish, what could be done differently? I have thought about my inconsistency in my walking goal around the village and realized that the times I was not able to do this was during the times when it was raining. I recently got the idea from another friend to do another set of “walking exercises” which could be done right inside the home. So yup, rain will have to be crossed off as a reason why I have failed to do my regular walking.

Accountability. I have also come to see how helpful it can also be to accomplish your goals if you share it with someone. This person can then remind you whether you have stuck to your goals. You actually gave him or her “the right” not only to remind you but also to ask you whether you are indeed working on your health goals.

And so for me, I’m revisiting my health goals this time. I am also revising them so that they can be SMART.

We can do this! Let’s be healthy this year and onward! 🙂